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Starting a food system revolution.

We evolved the Natoora brand and built an e-commerce platform to help them grow their impact and take a leap into the consumer market.

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Our food system is broken. Intensive farming practices prioritise high yields over full flavour. It’s damaging our planet and our palates. Instead of respecting the seasons, and embracing the incredible diversity of produce our planet has to offer, we've come to expect certain fruits and vegetables all year round. People are more cut off from the origins of their food than ever. Our insatiable appetite for convenience is putting unnecessary pressure on the earth, depriving the soil of vital nutrients and our tastebuds of the experience they deserve. Natoora are on mission to change this. They are leading a food system revolution.


How do we encourage consumer eating habits to move away from intensive farming systems? Natoora have spent the past 20 years cultivating a thriving reputation amongst top chefs and restaurants for their radically seasonal produce. Now ready to grow their impact and enter the consumer market, our challenge was to transform the B2B supplier into a disruptive and mission led brand that could cater for and connect with people everywhere to make powerful food choices everyday.

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Above all, we gained an understanding of Natoora's genuine dedication to full flavour. Forget four seasons. Natoora are redefining how we think of seasonality.

They understand that each plant is unique. Each moves through its own distinct three microseasons: early, peak and late, adapting in flavour and nutrient profiles over time. This is radical seasonality. We tasted rare finds, produce at it’s peak, and experienced the subtle shifts of flavour to savour at the end of season. We discovered the unmatched satisfaction of real flavour.

Natoora Stategy Process

To help this new extension of the Natoora brand to flourish, we created a brand story that growers, producers and consumers could all rally behind. Heroing the integrity of Natoora’s ethos and celebrating the premium quality of radically seasonal produce, our new story centres around the powerful notion of ‘Produce as the planet intended’.

Anchored in respect for the seasons, we shifted Natoora’s communications to focus on something tangible for all: the joys of experiencing the actual taste of produce when it’s in season. Emphasising Natoora’s industry disruptive attitude, we looked to make overhauling our eating habits feel achievable and aspirational for all.

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Evolving the core strapline, we created a flexible communication framework that not only showcases revolutionary flavour but amplifies real human stories to demonstrate a shared conviction to do things differently.

Our strategy highlights the power of our food choices at both a macro and micro level. By simply giving everyone access to produce as the planet intended, our approach makes Natoora’s new consumer offering feel like a natural extension of the brand. To bring their vision for the future to life, we reimagined the brand’s digital experience and built an e-commerce platform rich with bold messaging and editorial content to inspire consumers to take action and join Natoora’s food system revolution.

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