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Our dynamic visual system pairs bold typography and contemporary accent colours with hand rendered details to help Natoora tell authentic stories of seasonality while evoking a human, energetic and revolutionary spirit for everyone to rally behind.


Brand Design

We have completely evolved Natoora’s brand to be able to speak to farmers, top restaurants and conscious consumers alike. Our flexible visual system centres around the powerful notion of ‘Produce as the planet intended’. Our visual approach strikes a balance of human and luxe characteristics while always keeping celebration of produce in mind. We balanced bold typography and contemporary accent colours with organic hand rendered details to hero diverse and unique stories of seasonality while evoking an energetic and revolutionary spirit.

Natoora Produce as the planet intended
Natoora Produce paste ups
Natoora Farmers Names
Natoora Farmer Franc
Natoora Laptop Screen
Natoora Logo

Natoora pride themselves on the relationships they’ve built with their partners, their attention to detail and the unparalleled transparency of their supply chain. We crafted a typographic system to reflect this, allowing the brand to tell simple yet authentic stories of radical seasonality. Typographic devices showcase details such as the growers who nurture the produce with pride as well as where and when it is seasonally grown. Elements of the system can be dialled up or down, allowing Natoora to communicate clearly across different touchpoints.

Natoora Typography
Natoora Colours

Our visual system juxtaposes the bold immediacy of a revolution with the luxe quality of Natoora’s premium produce. Our paired back palette is brought to life with an energetic yellow accent tone that defies the expectations of the category and shifts the brand perception to feel premium, but not pretentious. The brand’s headline typography pairs Helvetica Now (Bold Sans Serif) and Tobias (Elegant serif) to create a striking aesthetic that allows the brand to balance a disruptive attitude with a human touch that conveys a sense of sophistication and curation.

Overall, the brand system is simple and paired back, allowing the quality of the produce to speak for itself. To highlight the human spirit of the brand, we brought in hand rendered graphic devices to capture the energy of a revolution and celebrate the growers who nurture produce everyday. These varied organic elements of the visual toolkit represent the unique impact each grower makes .

Natoora Typography with mark
Natoora typography with mark 01

Typography and photography are paired to create a flexible brand that feels accessible yet aspirational. Brand moments are bold and provocative at times and but confident enough to be recessive in others, letting produce and content speak for itself.

The flexibility of the system allows Natoora to speak with consistent clarity, conviction and authenticity. The flexibility of the system allows it to be seamlessly rolled out across a range of touch points from packaging to digital and OOH while retaining a distinctive and cohesive visual identity.

Natoora OOH
Natoora Lozenge
Natoora Farmer Julian
Natoora Button Interaction
Natoora Melon
Natoora Phone Mockup
Natoora Delivery Box
Natoora_Brand_Order time
Natoora Laptop Blog
Natoora Component
Natoora Paste ups
Natoora Grower Duncan
Natoora Poster

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