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Brands have always had influence. But the best brands in the world listen before they speak. They listen to the everyday people who put their products to the test - the new fans and the superfans. In today’s ever-evolving and competitive landscape; brands need faster insights, more innovative products, and more inclusive marketing to thrive.

Vurvey is a video-enabled insights platform on a mission to unite people and brands to create a better future. Their pioneering approach rethinks and reshapes the brand-consumer relationship, unlocking new opportunities to discover and scale insights. Users can quickly capture and share their unique opinions, feedback, and ideas to help define what's next for their favourite brands, wherever and whenever.

We partnered with the team to expand the platform's capabilities and elevate the product experience with a bespoke UI kit and seamless UX flow, encouraging more people to join the platform and have their say.

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Since launching, Vurvey has gained significant traction. Ready to grow and evolve the platform further, we were tasked with redesigning and reimagining the brand's digital experience. The goal was to not only maximise onboarding but also enhance and promote regular community engagement and content creation. To achieve this, the product needed a more intuitive experience and a stronger emotional hook.

Ultimately, our challenge was to create new user habits. Through a series of rapid sprints, we ideated, iterated, and developed concepts for various new product features, underpinned by the notion that habit formation can be segmented into the following stages: 'The Cue, The Response, The Reward'.

Vurvey product features
overview of vurvey onboarding experience

User research

We examined core user journeys and behaviours to unearth content creation incentives and obstacles. Our insights identified key areas for exploration to enhance the product experience. Our research also highlighted that people want to belong to communities where their opinions matter. From blue-sky thinking to simple in-app optimisations, we ideated and tested a range of potential features designed to create a sense of purpose and belonging among users.

In a world where people are used to having the world at their fingertips, we wanted to give people more ways to interact with the brands they love. Despite the platform initially launching as a desktop app, we found that 70 per cent of users accessed it on mobile.​​ This insight drove many of our digital design decisions. Our bespoke UI kit was crafted to prioritise a seamless and intuitive product experience for users at home or on the go.

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Overview of the vee story creation
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