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We built a brand and positioning around the notion of ‘DECRYPTING CRYPTO’. This allowed us to present Moonpay as a moving, evolving human-friendly payment tool for the next billion cryptocurrency users.

Moonpay website
Moonpay type specimen
Moonpay colour logo
Moonpay compliance secure engine


From brand design to digital executions, we developed MoonPay to be simple, highly customisable and build seamless journeys for customers all over the globe. All the UI, UX, frontend and graphic codes were developed to cater for simplicity. Our typographic systems were put in place to communicate a neutral tone to help make the complex crypto language more understood for first-time users.

Moonpay ipad application
Moonpay metrics
Moonpay iphone buyer
Moonpay developer widgets

“Delightful experience is rare and paramount in crypto wallets. MoonPay helped us build an integrated, seamless and simple way to buy crypto.”