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Love For Life


Love For Life is a not-for-profit organisation working with communities around the world to nurture the potential of humanity and the Living Earth. Rooted in ecology, culture and social action, they are on a mission to empower and inspire whole system regenerative change, embracing the interconnectedness of life.

Underpinned by the notion of ‘Ecosystems of Reciprocity’ we crafted a brand system and communication framework, designed to deepen a sense of connection to the world as it is today, while igniting the imagination we need to create the world of tomorrow. For when we feel that all life is fundamentally interconnected, we are inspired to act differently.

Blurry image of field with a quote from Robin Wall Kimmerer over the top: “For only when we can hear the languages of other beings are we capable of understanding the generosity of the Earth, and learning to give our own gifts in return”
Image of woman with plaits with text over the top: Reciprocity - a mutually beneficial exchange of love

Brand Identity

We crafted an editorial-led identity that showcases the interconnected web of life, celebrating the raw beauty of nature at a macro and micro level. Our art direction evokes the senses bringing together archival imagery, textures, grains, and hand-rendered elements to create a tactile brand world that celebrates the power of connection.

Business cards for Love For Life on a leaf background
Crop of the business card focussing on the 'Love' in Love For Life
Hero image of rainforest background with the text 'Ecosystems of Reciprocity' over the top
Crop closeup of a letter 'E' on paper
Type spec crop with the words: Ecology, The Living Earth, Deep Wonder
4 editorial covers on a black background
Scrapbook collection of pieces of paper, including quotes and imagery from books about Ecology
Grid of branded swatch colours
6 editorial posters with the Love For Life logo and copy saying "Love For: The Cosmos"
Stationary on a black background, such as a postcard and exhibition flyer
Newsprint image on a stone background with 'Natural Systems' and an image of some plants
Billboard poster with a bee, a flower and some butterflies

Editorial Platform

Our brand system is designed to feel alive, even in a digital space. We created a flexible editorial framework that allows for storytelling across multiple content layers, resulting in a rich editorial ecosystem that can seamlessly grow and evolve with the organisation.

Phone screen showing the Love For Life website with some image collages
Justified Studio