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holi is an open-source app that makes it easy for individuals and initiatives to come together to help the planet. Connecting people to the causes they care about, it brings to life the energy of collective action.

As a meeting point for ideas, holi's voice needed to be welcoming, clear, positive and democratic, echoing the contagious energy of collective action that one would feel at a protest, workshop or community event.

Hand holding onboarding screen for new users to the Holi app
Out of home billboard showing a sign up for the Fridays for Future group on Holi.


Powered by humility, holi presents itself as a humble facilitator that does not seek to steal the limelight from its community. The brand is therefore unassuming, but versatile. Sprinkled throughout the digital experience are content blocks that call to mind organic cells dividing and multiplying. Practically speaking, these blocks hold the UGC content that will ultimately catalyze the app. Symbolically, they represent the limitless opportunities for connection within the holi ecosystem.

In order to reward action, the platform switches between active and passive states, whilst the palette uses accent colours to reflect the IRL organisation process, in particular highlighter pens — tools that we use to share ideas.

Hand holding an onboarding screen for the Holi app.
Out of home billboard showing an event hosted by Migrant Kitchen on the Holi app
Wooden calendar sat on a desk
Holi event poster on a car

A Connected Community

holi has a breadth of interactive options for users from joining discussions to RSVP’ing an event. That’s why we branded tags and iconography to organise content within the platform. This includes icons that signal busy locations, live events, or tags that champion different causes, communities or identities.

The UGC content that populates the app stays consistent with holi’s human, approachable brand, avoiding photography that is overly polished or heavily edited. Ultimately, holi’s brand prioritises capturing moments of human impact, over perfection.

A collage of user generated photography showing people engaging with the Holi community.
A holi cap sitting on a fence
An overview of the Holi app product screens and UI design
A person standing on a football pitch holding a football covered in holi stickers
An out of home billboard at sunset showing the range of interests you can have within the Holi community.

Special Thanks.

For the trust and collaborative approach from the core team: Janine, Piet, Timo, Gareth, Scarlett and Benjamin. Thanks to the full collective of thinkers, innovators, and dreamers dedicated to positive impact.

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