Justified Studio


Brand Positioning

An online fashion marketplace should be just as dynamic as a thrift market IRL, thriving on individuality & self-expression.

A movement has started that is turning the second-hand market into an engaging, personal & relevant experience. Fashion thrives on individuality and should be fun for everyone. Buying clothes you love should be as interactive, as real-time as possible with no differences between offline & online.

FINDS provides a shopping platform to celebrate the love of finding original fashion. The interactive tools allow the users to express their individuality and connect directly with each other.

The strategic opportunity playfully uses the brand name. We have defined dynamic messaging streams and built communication strategies, such as: FIND individuality, FIND authenticity, FIND unique style.

The brand platform: FIND it, love it, show it, allows the continual development of 3 core areas—Discovery, ownership and showcase.

Brand Design

We have built a brand and platform of endless discovery and empowerment for multiple people. It's a living, breathing hub of self-expression - with a community that's as diverse and unique as the clothes they buy and sell.

This gives us the opportunity to use colour, icons and typography in a way that's just as entertaining and exciting. A way that embodies the hustle, individuality and diversity of our audience.

The creative expression has been built around the notion of 'WE'RE LIVE', always alive, attitudinal and expressive. The visual output is raw, real and reflective of our product experience.

From the brand marque to the digital Ui kit, the brand design speaks in a way that channels the hustle and spirit of a thriving online platform that runs on real-time interactions and live video content—capturing the joyful spontaneity of buying and selling clothes alongside a like-minded community of fashion-lovers.

The brand design embodies the energy and spirit of a real-life marketplace. But with a modern, digital twist that's steeped in online culture.

Brand Principles

We always celebrate individuality. FINDS is all about originality and self-expression. We're inspired by our audience and all their styles. That's why we use vibrant, expressive colours and messaging that heroes the diversity of our platform and puts our community front and centre.

We empower with attitude. FINDS is a community of bold entrepreneurs and creatives unafraid to share their true selves with the world. It's an open, optimistic mindset shared by everyone on our platform - and it comes alive in our brand design too. We build trust with our audience through empowering, attitudinal messaging that heroes their hustle and ambition at all times.

Social Impact

FINDS is a proudly digital platform and this is built from the social positioning. We embrace online culture in everything we do - using it to power the future of fashion in an entertaining, inspiring and sustainable way. We embed this internet vibe with icon design and writing built around the digital vernacular of our Gen Z audience.

We landed and scaled FINDS across TikTok and Instagram. We worked closely with the internal team to help build and master the formats to share and own the unique offering of FINDS.

Special Thanks.

To the full team at FINDS, investors and collaborators that have helped support the launch of this product.

Thanks for the trust and collaborative approach from the founders, Jemma Stacey and Carl Mustard.