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Aiming to provide financial freedom and empowerment to millions across the African continent, FIDO introduces the everyday benefits and opportunities of modern banking in a region where, for many, economic access is simply unavailable or out of reach. Offering everything a contemporary bank should – from savings pots and business growth plans to capital investment and budgeting – FIDO’s data-driven offering marks a ‘new money culture’ in Africa and, therefore, required a vibrant identity to mirror its potential cultural impact.

Fido app on a phone screen with grey background
Fido debit card laying on top of typography
Portrait of a woman with Fido brand stickers over the top
Portrait of a woman smiling
Fido debit card lying on a table surrounded by paper and pencils
Typography character set with stickers over the top
Women tying shoe with Fido bank UI over the top
Hanging poster for Fido with trees in the background
Sandy background with a phone over the top showing a Fido app screen
Billboard showing an advert for Fido with a blue sky background
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