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Earthrise instagram post

We have been supporting earthrise with their brand design, social media, positioning and launched their editorial platform.

A showcase of the typefaces used throughout the earthrise brand
A branded card showing the earthrise message, "Bringing clarity to the climate crisis"
A showcase of the digital design of the instagram frames that earthrise use on their platform
Fisherman standing in the sea during sunset.

We helped earthrise build a digital editorial platform to post longer-form versions of their Instagram content as well as showcase their partnerships and collaborations.

A showcase of a article called "The Real Cost Of Fast Fashion" from the earthrise website
A selection of digital elements from the earthrise website
a selection of articles from the earthrise website
An image of children playing in the sea in Kiribati

Special Thanks

To the collective of designers, filmmakers, and writers dedicated to communicating how we navigate the climate crisis.

For the trust and collaborative approach from the founders:

Finn Harries, Jack Harries and Alice Aedy.