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Seeking to shift brand endorsement away from short-term interactions to influential long-term relationships, London and Bristol-based brand advocacy agency Duel strategically develop storytelling through real-world experiences and authentic actions. Each advocate’s impact is vast, growing with every additional person. It’s been called many things before, the domino effect, the knock-on effect or the ripple effect, to name a few, and in the case of Duel’s scalable software, we titled it ‘the Duel effect’.

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Titled ‘The Duel Effect, we built a domino-effect-inspired brand that placed advocates rightfully in the spotlight. Using playful framing and shapes to reflect this notion, the typography of the visual identity reflected Duel’s emboldening role and impact, rolled out across all digital touchpoints, including the product, social and website.

The meaningful use of colour led is at the very core of the identity’s character, an aspect of the brand we evolved from the prior visual language – brightening the blue and providing a more accessible and friendly complementary palette. The most significant change for Duel was the injection of a broad secondary palette, introduced to support the notion of multiple use cases and the various personalities who use Duel. A big part of building the brand was putting advocates in the spotlight, where vibrant secondary colours can represent each advocate/sector.

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Working with Justified Studio as our agency on the project was a no-brainer - super cool, super stylish, and super on it. I think they’ve all done a pretty bloody good job.

Paul Archer Founder & CEO

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