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The way we approach urban housing and construction needs to change. It’s failing to meet the needs of our communities and our planet. Safe, healthy, and affordable housing is a fundamental human right that shouldn't cost the earth today or tomorrow.

The construction industry alone is responsible for a staggering 38% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Traditional housing models depend on energy-intensive materials, which are mass-produced overseas and have short lifespans. These practices harm the environment and thousands of individuals living in homes that fall short of basic standards. Cold, draughty and mouldy conditions are increasingly putting people’s physical and mental health at risk.

Common Build is a not-for-profit organisation on a mission to change this for good. It aims to rethink the cultures, systems and infrastructure of our cities, striving to achieve climate objectives and create resilient spaces for the future.

We're building for tomorrow
Photographic portrait of a builder
Book of stories from different professions


Our flexible visual system is grounded in simplicity and elevates bold messaging and key statistics while always highlighting natural materials and sustainable processes. Precise annotations and architectural structures are juxtaposed with the raw textures of construction, embodying the brand's dynamic and innovative spirit.

The brand palette features a muted base influenced by the earthy tones of construction materials. A bright orange accent tone gives the brand a bold edge and acts as a subtle nod to the high-vis that marks the industry.

The devices of our brand system highlight Common Build’s role as a hub for knowledge. Distinct content blocks akin to file dividers hold and separate information into digestible chunks. Images are presented as small thumbnail lists, resembling a photographic archive. Photography captures real human stories, adding a tangible dimension to a topic that affects us all.

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Building for tomorrow

A fundamental part of Common Build's work is dedicated to researching and teaching sustainable construction practices. Their forward-thinking approach encourages people to rethink the possibilities through innovation and collaboration. They bring together people, ideas, and cutting-edge research, bridging knowledge gaps and equipping future generations with the necessary skills for lasting industry change. These skills are relatively straightforward to learn but are rarely taught, even to those studying construction. Our simple and informative brand toolkit helps to set this straight, complete with interactive learning materials designed to inform and inspire.

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