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Call Your Mother


Everyone knows that the biggest event of the year is COP26 - and for good reason. This is a critical moment to establish the next decade of climate action.

However, everyone is vying for attention. And while much of it is focused on closed-door rooms, there has been little thought for the people outside: many of whom feel disillusioned by decision-makers offering empty promises.

Billboard showing Call Your Mother branding


We have developed a campaign in collaboration with Force of Nature called ‘Call Your Mother’. The creative challenge was to create a digital space that felt inviting and inclusive whilst allowing the different voices to be showcased in an impactful way. Call Your Mother is a space for people to open up and share immediate feelings about the climate crisis - anger, fear, grief, urgency, hope, motivation - and connect with others who feel the same. The project existed as physical pop ups in Glasgow but most importantly accessible to the masses online.

Speech bubble explaining how Call Your Mother is a safe space
Two images, one showing a branded pin and one showing a poster
Hand holding a phone showing the Call Your Mother website


Simple and accessible- we wanted to create an intervention that helps people identify and understand their feelings around the climate, from delegates to local Glaswegians and young activists. The virtual activation ensures anyone with a phone can get involved.

Youth-powered- Force of Nature is made up of the young people we seek to serve. We want to create spaces for young voices to be platformed.

Smarter cut through- COP26 was cluttered with organisations vying for attention. The eye-catching pop-up in a high-footfall area was the way to get noticed, and get people talking.

Hopeful and solutions focussed- we needed to make sure people want to engage with the project rather than feel they ought to. Both the in-person and online activation was a safe space for people to navigate their feelings.

Project legacy- by creating an online space for people to share their feelings, we can keep the conversation going to ensure the project’s impact extends beyond when all the delegates return home.

Results from the Vurvey survey

Special Thanks.

To the full team at Force of Nature and all the volunteers on the ground during COP26.

Thanks for the trust and collaborative approach from the founder, Clover Hogan and for the support and use of the platform from Chad Reynolds, Vurvey.