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As part of our Justified Ventures initiative, we have launched XVERSO.

XVERSO is building a social network and marketplace for art, empowering people to take an active role in the creation of culture. Tasked to reach the 99% of people who are not collecting or investing, we created a proposition, brand and product to make investing in art more accessible. Art should be for everybody; however, currently, art ownership is dominated by the 1%. Xverso proposes a different perspective by empowering artists and creators with tools to interact, protect, and sell their digital creations directly to their fans and collectors. We built and tested all prototypes to take the product to the market. XVERSO is pre-launch with an app currently in development and brought to us by the team at ASK US FOR IDEAS.

Xverso Brand Logo
Xverso Branded Lanyard
Xverso Stationary
Xverso desktop bidding
Graph of product
Xverso Exhibition Space


A considerable part of the mission is to collaborate with artists. We wanted that to play into the name, offering and brand, so the ‘X’ was tactically placed to be a core branded element and strengthen a unique name.
The primary typeface is DM Sans, and we wanted a geometric sans-serif typeface with a few weights with matching italics and a monospaced and serif version that comes in both text and display optical sizes. This was crucial for the multi-use application across the brand and product. With colour, we wanted a minimal palette to create a framework to celebrate the content and artwork. So we landed with a monochromatic suite of colours with one accent Lotus purple. This is used as a brand signifier and to unify moments across the app and create strong CTAs.

Xverso Large X
Xverso Event Poster
Xverso Tote Bag
Xverso Product Hero Screen
Xverso UI overview
Xverso Product Screen 1
Xverso screens
Xverso Event Screen
Xverso Marketing site
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