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At its core, art has the power to change how we feel, to change how we see the world. But the conventional art world is full of bureaucracy and borders. Even in most galleries, we’re forced to stand back and merely observe from a distance. The multidimensional nature of our creativity is being lost. Wild are on a mission to change this, by changing the way the world experiences art.

Wild are makers, builders, art lovers, collectors, and change makers at the forefront of digital and spatial innovation. Wild exist to build the worlds that have yet to be built and amplify the art that exists in them. Wild stand for what is to come. They stand for the unlimited potential of collective creativity. We created a strategic framework and visual identity that pushes their vision forward and defines them as the pioneers of this new movement of experiential art.


Wild tasked us with creating a strategic narrative and framework to guide their bold next steps. Shaping more than the future of art, Wild are on a mission to forever change the way we see the world. They want to give people everywhere the chance to find new perspectives, to discover and simply to wonder. We looked to hero the brand’s core value of curiosity, and highlight their dedication to empowering the digital creators of tomorrow. Our creative direction is underpinned by the concept of a ‘world in progress’ capturing the unlimited potential of this new future that Wild are shaping. As the platform for experiential art and creativity, Wild invites everyone to explore the unseen and unknown.

Graphic key brand visual showing Liam Pitchford's work
iPhone showing artist work on gradient colourful background


Building on the notion of a ‘world in progress’ we developed a distinct visual system and digital experience to reflect the ever changing and ever evolving visual universe Wild are creating. Our digital first approach combines hero perspective frames with blur treatments and modular labelling to create a brand world that is dynamic in nature with a sleek and contemporary feel.

Striking gradients and bold accent colours pair with a monochrome palette to create a versatile brand that feels confident and fresh. As a platform, Wild showcase a growing multitude of works across various styles, formats and mediums - from generative stills and 3D spaces, to music and interactive pieces. With this in mind, our system had to prioritise simplicity to ensure artist’s works could always fit and be aptly heroed. Our flexible approach allows the brand to speak distinctively to both creators and curators alike while creating capacity for the brand to grow and come to life as the spatial internet continues to evolve.

Two 6sheet billboards showing Wild branding
artist metadata locked up over a blurred artwork
Sasha Belitskaja photographic portrait
Artist posters in an exhibition space
The beauty of experiential art, is that it invites us to explore the unseen and the unknown.


Our core challenge was designing a system to hold an array of artwork that could convey the notion of an ever evolving shift in perspective without distorting or distracting from the artworks themselves. Building a brand that invites people to explore a universe of possibility lent itself to a particularly experimental process. As we generated, tested and explored, we had fun challenging our own perspectives to unlock new concepts and solutions. The iterative process inspired our final graphic system. The brand heroes moments of change, capturing visual elements as they transition from one state to another. We played with the simplicity of a pixel frame, scaling, shifting and skewing it’s shape to create an extensive collection of framing devices for artworks and their creators.

wireframe graphic of the letter d
wireframe visualisation of a skewed frame
We used motion to amplify our visual system, making it feel like a dynamic ecosystem of graphic elements in a constant state of flux.

Motion played a key role in bringing our world in progress to life, allowing visual elements to appear as though they exist in a 3D space. Animating on the XYZ axis created a system that reflects the way Wild are pushing the parameters of the world as we know it, encouraging fearless expression and exploration. With so many possibilities, we defined distinct motion principles to establish a sense of cohesion rather than chaos. To ensure artwork is always showcased as it was intended to be seen, we only ever applied distortion effects to framing devices, never the original works.

150 artists graphic


To translate the visual system into a digital experience, it was important to balance the experimental and expressive nature of the brand with digital functionality. We distilled the essence of the brand with careful consideration to ensure that even in more functional spaces, the Wild spirit was not lost. Wild is a brand built to reimagine and reshape the future. Across the brand’s digital application, we prioritised flexibility and versatility to ensure the digital platform and experience could adapt to support the ever-changing vision of Wild and their artists, today and tomorrow.

Laptop showing an artist collection page on the Wild website
iphone showing artist work on lilac background
conference screen showing Wild world in progress title

Special Thanks

Thanks for the great collaboration for all at Wildxyz.
Laura Petro, Lauren Baum, John (Douglass) Kobs, David Silverman, Evan Dancer

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