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The climate is in crisis. The urgent need to address the future of our planet requires decisive action from businesses, organisations, and institutions worldwide. The Voluntary Carbon Market has the potential to be a key catalyst to achieve global climate goals. But the market is broken. The data it relies on is unregulated, inaccurate, and incomplete, leaving a cluttered landscape of clichéd green competitors and greenwashed claims. The industry has lost trust, integrity and engagement.

Treefera are on a mission to fix this. Leveraging advanced technologies, the climate tech company is pioneering a transformative approach to forestry data, creating an ecosystem of products set to provide unrivalled clarity and transparency, restoring confidence in the global carbon market. We built a brand to help them make way for change.

Person holding the Treefera website homescreen on an iPad
Satellite Dish


Treefera’s vision for the future is clear. They are on mission to restore the planet by restoring trust in the carbon market. With a platform that’s different by nature, our challenge was to help Treefera stand out as a beacon of change. Treefera capture and share carbon data and insights with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. But what they really provide is confidence and clarity where it’s needed most. We developed a strategic framework that put this at the centre, setting a new standard for the carbon market. Underpinned by the notion of a ‘clear future’, every aspect of the brand is anchored in the transformative power of radical clarity. To build the trust and authority needed to engage with other businesses, we provided three guiding brand principles: Clear Data, Clear Decisions, Clear Impact, creating a path to empower businesses and organisations to accelerate towards a brighter future.

Desktop showing the Treefera website persona page
Layout showing Treefera reports and printed matter


The brand was built from a digital-first lens, using a distinct visual system designed to reflect this notion of utter clarity. A stripped-back aesthetic communicates with confidence and highlights Treefera’s ability to not only collect data, but curate it into its most distilled and useful form. White space is used throughout the brand to create a sleek and contemporary feel while visually representing a sense of fresh air and breathing space. Bold accent colours are paired with a monochrome palette to create a flexible system that prioritises function while retaining a sense of optimism.

The brand’s art direction is scientifically focused with image treatments inspired by the LiDAR scanning technology used to collect tree data at scale. Satellite views and macro photography are juxtaposed to echo the scale and variety of data available on the platform. Our brand mark captures this data expertise alongside Treefera’s bold ambitions for the future. Inspired by trees, data points, and discovery, its spherical form reflects the search for trusted knowledge while highlighting the ever-evolving nature of our collective potential to create change.

An overview of the Treefera photography direction
Visual showing the Treefera typoface
A lineup of Treefera icons
A search bar over the top of photography of tree bark
Treefera printed impact report
Photograph of a satellite
Treefera booklet for NYC climate week 2024


Innovation and collaboration are at the heart of Treefera’s vision for the future. We worked alongside their development team to launch their first product offering at New York Climate Week. Our agile approach allowed us to quickly build on the brand’s core visual principles to design, build and implement a product design system that was market ready within weeks.

Treefera are committed to making tree data accessible for all, whatever the use or land size. With so much data available, we applied intuitive interaction principles to ensure information is always delivered with purpose and efficiency. Our human first UI design system surfaces complex information and intricate points of data, creating digestible insights for different user profiles.

Hand holding iPhone with Treefera product screen
iPad showing Treefera product
Treefera van driving on a road through forest

Special Thanks.

To Jonathan, Caroline, and the full team at Treefera for bringing us in on their exciting journey towards a climate positive future.

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