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Sound is a fundamental part of the human experience. From the moment we’re born, we hear and feel the rhythm of our heart, of our breath, of life. There’s no denying its power. At festivals, on runs or simply watching the big screen, the sound around us can change everything. It can unite us, excite us and inspire us.

But not all sound is created equal. We live in a world full of noise. More than ever, people are craving a new kind of quiet, but the idea of meditation doesn’t always resonate. Often tied up with notions of intense silence, it can feel intimidating, or reserved for the spiritual and the profound. Even for those less skeptical about the practice, there is a common preconception that for most of us to benefit, it simply requires too much dedicated time and effort. Sondr are on a mission to change this. They are on a mission to share the power of immersive sound to help us find balance, encouraging a new approach to our wellbeing that is accessible to all.

Move towards stillness
Portrait of a man with his eyes closed


Our challenge was to help Sondr create a new narrative around the power of immersive sound. We defined a new name and direction for the brand that could resonate with people everywhere. We positioned the brand with a scientific yet human approach, that helps to clarify misconceptions and defy skeptic preconceptions. At it’s core, Sondr is all about connection and curiosity. Inspired by the dynamic nature of sound waves and life itself, the brand is anchored in the notion of moving towards stillness, encouraging a mindset of exploration without set expectation. We built a brand framework that captures the emotional power, texture and movement of sound to bring Sondr’s diverse immersive experiences to life.

Exploration beyond expectation text shown over a photograph of a man


Building on the notion of moving towards stillness, we crafted a dynamic and flexible brand system that echos the physical vibrations of sound, as well as the emotional journey it can take us on.

Our graphic toolkit centres around a suite of symmetrical and geometric shapes taken from the patterns seen on the Chladni plate, a tool used to study the movement of sound waves. Our wordmark is constructed from overlapping letters that evoke a sense of collective community, reflecting Sondr’s open invitation for everyone to take part. The letters themselves feel relaxed and expansive, inspired by the calm and fluid nature of sound.

A sense of finding balance is key throughout every aspect of the brand, whether it’s setting vibrant and muted tones side by side or juxtaposing crafted typography with soft textures. Contrasting elements come together to create a cohesive visual system that brings to life the energy and sensorial attributes of Sondr.

Social media posts mindmap
Sondr colourful brand shapes
Podcast cards
photograph of a women with her eyes closed in a green textured frame
Sondr posters
Photograph of woman with Sondr branded border
Sondr leaflet for a sound bath event
Sondr Window Vinyl

Sound’s power is universal, yet every experience and journey is unique. Highlighting the experiential essence of the brand, a scientific graphic language is balanced with a raw and human approach. Candid shots capture real moments of joy, relaxation and wonder. We playfully brought to life the sensorial experience, visualising breathing patterns, rhythms and movement. Grain and blur treatments are applied across photography to create a subtle sense of motion, visualising the physicality of sound as vibrations.

A frame showing a Sondr event
Sondr crystal bowl

Our flexible visual system is used to create space, but also connection. Applied across a range of touch points, it brings people together and bridges the gap between Sondr’s digital and physical experiences. The brand’s cohesive nature creates a sense of welcoming familiarity wherever you are. Brand moments connect the dots between the science of sound and the powerful journey it takes us on, inspiring people to stay curious and keep exploring how it can change the way they feel and support them through life’s ups and downs.

Sondr stamped loyalty card
Sondr sound bath entrance
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