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Cows with a Klim ear tag.


Our food system is broken. Conventional farming methods are producing tonnes of carbon whilst stripping the soil of vital nutrients, resulting in yearly lower yields. Hardworking farmers are worried about the future of their farms, unable to ensure crop security with ever changing conditions due to the climate crisis.

Klim is on a mission to fix this. From the microscopic organisms that ensure good soil health to the wider food supply chains, the digital platform empowers farmers to drive change. Our clear and simple brand makes switching to regenerative methods feel achievable, allowing farmers to get back to what they love about farming - being in the field.

Graphic text block reading Good Soil. Good Climate.
Smiling female farmer holding a chicken standing in a barn doorway.
Phone tucked into an apron pocket showing Klim app splash screen.
Metal fence hoarding reading 'Climate protection and soil health.'


Our visual identity system is built from the ground up with flexible content blocks lifted from field shapes themselves. The distinctive shapes are used to break up content into digestible sections, and hero unique stories of individual farms and their produce. When brought together, they represent the collective effort of farmers across Europe making the switch to regenerative.

The brand had to fit into the world of farming, but stand out from competitors who predominantly use shades of green. Still rooted in nature, but with a contemporary and innovative spirit, our palette is inspired by farming processes. Building on this optimism, the photography champions everyday farmers while celebrating plentiful produce. Our typeface is rich in character, but equally precise and trustworthy, echoing the vision of the brand and its ability to scale up with confidence.

Large lettering
iPhone sitting on a concrete floor with red wires showing financial information on the Klim app.
Overview of Klim brand guidelines.

A New Vision

Innovation and collaboration are at the heart of Klim’s vision for the future. To make a real difference and future-proof the brand, it was important to highlight a real understanding of both the people and the science behind farming. Klim are champions of small differences at a large scale. We balanced human stories with straightforward annotations and pictograms to amplify the brand’s scientific grounding. Details such as tags break down information about individual farms, locations, and produce, putting function for farmers first. Throughout the visual system, the clean precise feel of the scientific and technologically advanced is juxtaposed with the raw and imperfect nature of farmers’ everyday lives. Together, Klim is building a bright future, backed by science and built for real people.

Newspaper ad showing the Klim brand design.
Klim social media post showing what is in season in July
The back of a farmer wearing a blue jacket reading 'A new era of agriculture'.
Klim branded tote bag lying on a field of rapeseed.
A crate of oranges being scanned by AI frames.
Photograph of farmer showing muddy hands.
Farmer wearing a Klim embroidered cap at sunset.

Special Thanks.

To Nina, and the full team at Klim for bringing us in on their exciting journey towards a regenerative future.

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