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HD Rain


HD Rain is revolutionising the way we read weather by deploying second-generation sensors that offer high-definition micro-meteorological data. This allows better access to information and, therefore, resilience to climatic events. The sensors opportunistically provide data from the bottom to the top of the atmosphere. That way, a network of HD Rain sensors captures rain in 3D on a slanted line of about 5km.

This gathered data is combined in a unique algorithm that allows HD Rain to ensure accuracy of 500m by 500m on all points of the covered area whether a sensor is present or not, iterations minute by minute and a 2h forecast.

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Tasked to communicate HD Rain’s unique offering as a tech company, we built a brand that needed to feel immediate, real-time, and futuristic – utilising a graphic approach that reflected the technology and digital mapping the product uses. As seen through our typographic process, the combination of Px Grotesk and PP Supply Mono immediately gave us a unique graphic language, reflecting in the duo-tone colour palette reflecting the cold and warm climates, providing us with a framework to build all creative assets.

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Special Thanks.

To the full team at HD Rain, investors and collaborators that have helped support the launch of this brand.

Thanks for the trust and collaborative approach from the CEO, Ruben Hallali.