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There’s no denying that Google has redefined the way we search, seek and find information. We partnered directly with Google Creative Lab to evolve and elevate their newest way to search - Google Lens.

Sometimes the information we seek is hard to put into words. Tapping into today’s visual first world, Google’s innovative new search tool allows users to intuitively search what they see, directly from their smartphones. The AI-powered technology integrates the information captured from users' phone cameras with deep machine learning to help people discover more about the world around them. The tool goes beyond identifying objects; it comprehends them, opening up interactive opportunities for scanning, translating, shopping, and more.

The project team at Google Lens wanted to challenge and push the capabilities of their product to capture new audiences and better leverage the power of machine learning to help maximise access to information while promoting prolonged and sustained product engagement.


Our agile team of strategic thinkers, creative technologists and digital designers partnered with the Google Creative Labs team to offer our expertise on the UI and UX of the Google Lens tool. Working in a series of fast-paced sprints, we brought a fresh perspective and helped push the product's capabilities, prioritising accessibility and usability throughout various user journeys.

Central to our collaboration was a detailed analysis of the product's functionality and architectural structure. We examined core user journeys and behaviours using qualitative and quantitative research methods. This helped us identify potential areas for development and new opportunities to explore. Our insights allowed us to target specific product areas. We brainstormed, designed, and prototyped various concepts, ranging from ambitious, blue-sky ideas to mobile-specific optimisations.


Throughout our dynamic process, we worked closely with the Google product team to help innovate and iterate Google’s visionary product, expanding opportunities for the future. To enable one-tap search, we focused on intuitive UI and UX , creating simple flows to help people everywhere discover more about the world around them. By working directly with the Google Lens development team, we were able to roadmap new features and execute a strategy for a successful product transformation.

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