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Corporate gifting is broken. &Open is fixing it. We have developed a brand and a digital platform to prioritise people and cultivate curiosity.

Gift-giving is an inherently human practice, one as old as the human species itself, and has existed among us through multiple societal movements, trends and ages. While gifting brings us together, it is more than just a nice surprise or gesture. Instead, the act is a fundamental component of human connection, helping us establish, build and nurture relationships. &Open believes our future has a society, not an economy, at its heart. A community where people matter more than numbers and loyalty counts.

Website design landing mock up
Ipad mock design with &opens article


We developed the digital platform by creating a component-based system. This modular approach allowed us to use various visual elements to populate the platform with a multitude of content. This provided &Open the tools to have full control and flexibility on how to build out content components.

We built the platform from the ground up. The technical stack combines React, Next.js, Chakra UI with a very usable Sanity CMS.

&Open print


&Open know that lasting relationships aren’t built on thoughtless freebies. People need to know they matter, and a gift takes relationships beyond the transactional. Simple gestures make a difference, and this notion founded the core of the brand design. Having created a design system that allowed flexibility for surprising moments, we implemented a concoction of illustration, motion design and visual Easter eggs on idol moments of the website. Combining these elements created a platform that builds customer love, allowing playful, thoughtful components to feel as alive as the service &Open are providing.

Colourful dots on a page
Green page with typography and illustration
Social media post design
Gift Box
Business card on wooden table

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