Justified Studio

Our Process

Disrupt to Innovate

There is no denying that we are entering an era of unprecedented change. Businesses, organisations, institutions, and human beings must drastically rethink the way they operate. The time to research the opportunities, trends, and cultural shifts happening within various industries is now.


Utilise Optimism

What role can creativity have to inspire change? What creative campaigns can become useful tools to help communicate change? We aim to champion the optimism and imagination needed to design products, create tools, and write campaigns for a better world.


Create Impact

The creativity that underpins our work is a necessary tool for the coming decade. By its very nature, design and communication seek to change perceptions and we believe that we should use this to humanise organisations and ultimately create impactful work.


Inspire Change

The time is now. This is where we play. As creatives, it is our responsibility to inspire change, re-write narratives, and create work with forward-thinking results. There has never been a more important time to be curious and question the role of brands, organisations and initiatives.


We work with our clients across four key stages to make sure together; we create work to inspire change, re-write narratives, and create impact. These stages allow us to gain insight, develop ideas that resonate, and deliver instantly actionable creative.


How do we unlock the insights to build an impactful strategic model for brand and business success? By exploring, researching, and learning with our clients, we craft and define competitive advantages. We research the opportunities, trends, and cultural shifts happening within the targetted industry.

Key outcomes from this discovery are an in-depth understanding of the business objectives and challenges, an initial point of view on brand and current positioning, and 
insights to inform the next phase of the project.


Strategically, who are we targeting and why? How do we define the propositions, frameworks, and principles to win across new audiences? By understanding the learnings from Discovery, we start to craft strategies and narratives that align with the task.

Key outcomes from this phase are the development of a strategic brand platform. This comprises a clear and compelling mission, a refined or new proposition, and fundamental brand values.


How does the new proposition work across the business, and how do we visually deliver on this promise? How might our established strategic message work in design, copy, digital, product, and customer success? By fully understanding the task’s positioning, we articulate and realise this thinking through creative executions. Our output varies from product, digital, brand and experiential.

Key outcomes from this phase are reflected in robust visual and verbal systems that develop and push forward the brand strategy. We work up best practice examples in visual applications to get full stakeholder approval.


How can we refine and craft our visual approach so that it is robust and future proof? What tools are needed across the business to inspire and empower teams? We develop the best practice principles for working with and using the new creative so that it is instantly actionable.

Key outcomes from this phase include handing overall final working files for internal teams to implement. We make sure to package usable assets, plans, principles, and examples into a shareable format.




We are not only updating Svea Solar’s identity, in a way we give the whole energy industry a new face. We breathe a new life into an outdated industry with the intention of getting people to act and shift to renewable energy.

Nolan Gray, CMO and co-founder of Svea Solar

The studio reinvented us from the ground up, considering everything from brand strategy and identity design to social media campaigns and copywriting. Justified managed to harmonise all of our branding assets to make WAX London feel impactful and cohesive across all of our channels.

Tom Holmes, Founder of WAX London