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We develop a shared space to fully uncover the opportunities within the project, determining the insight, intention and impact behind a brand. In-depth and inquisitive, we explore the context behind a brand, researching contemporary trends, cultural shifts and the legacies in play.


Here we take what we've learned and build upon it; moving into the project's strategic phase, where we discuss prior strategy and positioning before defining what the brand is to become – establishing a practical and engaging creative positioning. In doing so, we ensure a valuable contemporary and enduring relevance, firmly resonating with the brand's purpose, intention and messaging.


This is where a brand comes alive. Taking into account the who, what, where, how and why, we visually articulate and align the brand's mission and positioning with how it creatively expresses itself. We work through iterative design sprints to support and embolden the new strategic positioning, be it via copy, typography, product or digital design (and everything in-between).


Here comes the last push towards the finishing line, finalising, embellishing and refining the project deliverables before handing them over. Together we look at promoting the project, both digitally and physically, marking the finalisation of a successful collaboration.

Testimonials – 1/5

We didn't take much of a moment to say how good the collaboration was. It was magic. The thoughts were great, the work got better every time, and every time we saw the creative, it pushed our work. So thank you.

Jack Beveridge - Google Creative Lab

We engaged the studio with the idea of evolving our brand, which they did and more. We got a new brand toolkit, digital platform and launch film. Through the collaborative work sessions, we defined a new direction on how to scale us as an organisation.

Jack Harries – CEO, Earthrise

Not only did we update Svea Solar's identity, in a way we gave the whole energy industry a new face. We breathed a new life into an outdated industry, intending to get people to act and shift to renewable energy and Justified played the lead role in this.

Nolan Gray – CMO, Svea Solar

Justified Studio reinvented us from the ground up, with everything from brand strategy and identity design to social media campaigns and copywriting. Justified managed to harmonise all of our branding assets to make UN Live feel fresh.

Emil Schelde – CMO, Museum for the United Nations

Justified has been on our journey since day one. They named Finds, branded Finds and completely reimagined what the role of Finds can and should bring to the second-hand market.

Jemma Stacy – CEO, Finds


Justified Ventures goes beyond the traditional agency model, supporting ambitious founders that are building a better future. This is our mission.

Studio News

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Site Inspire Award - Concept Ventures

Site Inspire Award - Concept Ventures

Site Inspire is a showcase of the finest web and interactive design. Our design and build for Concept Ventures have just received recognition! Read the article here.

Design Week Feature - Svea Solar

Design Week Feature - Svea Solar

Justified Studio overhauls branding and digital for Svea Solar. “The visual brand output would not have been realised without the strategic framework, and the digital platform would not have been built the way it had without the visual design parameters. We needed all three parts of our studio to work together to redefine the whole of the company.” Read the article here.

Hypebeast Feature - Google Lens

Hypebeast Feature - Google Lens

Whilst Google’s search bar largely stays the same, all you have to do is tap the camera icon and scan an item or select a screenshot. The feature will then find the same piece or similar, helping you source elusive products, especially for times you don’t have the words to describe what you see.

Stay tuned on Hypebeast to see how Google Search’s new feature assists fashion enthusiasts in their day-to-day lives.” Read the article here.

Hunger Magazine - Finds

Hunger Magazine - Finds

Rental clothing apps are bringing young Northern designers to the forefront of fashion. HUNGER speaks to circular fashion app Finds on the importance of social marketplace platforms. Read the article here.

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