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Our process begins with questions; we find that curiosity is the key to nurturing creative thinking. From there, we work with you to explore the context behind a brand, researching contemporary trends, cultural shifts and the legacies at play. Once that’s done, we bring into focus the intention and impact behind the project.


Now, we use what we’ve learned and build on it. Moving into the project's strategic phase, we take into account what worked (and what didn't) in the past, before outlining what the brand is to become. We craft a strategy that’s fresh and engaging to ensure a long-lasting relevance that aligns with your mission.


This is where a brand comes to life. Taking into account our research, we make room for the visual expression of the brand’s personality. We work through iterative design sprints to support the new strategic positioning, be it via copy, typography, product, digital design, and everything in-between.


The finishing touches. Together, we take the time to make sure the end result is exactly how you envisioned it. We’re proud to have a very collaborative handover phase, and are always open to be challenged if something doesn’t feel right. For us, it’s all about forming lasting partnerships that keep the brand growing over time.

Testimonials – 1/5

We didn't take much of a moment to say how good the collaboration was. It was magic. The thoughts were great, the work got better every time, and every time we saw the creative, it pushed our work. So thank you. 🔥🔥🔥

Jack Beveridge - Google Creative Lab

We engaged the studio with the idea of evolving our brand, which they did and more. We got a new brand toolkit, digital platform and launch film. Through the collaborative work sessions, we defined a new direction on how to scale us as an organisation.

Jack Harries – CEO, Earthrise

Not only did we update Svea Solar's identity, in a way we gave the whole energy industry a new face. We breathed a new life into an outdated industry, intending to get people to act and shift to renewable energy and Justified played the lead role in this.

Nolan Gray – CMO, Svea Solar

Justified Studio reinvented us from the ground up, with everything from brand strategy and identity design to social media campaigns and copywriting. Justified managed to harmonise all of our branding assets to make UN Live feel fresh.

Emil Schelde – CMO, Museum for the United Nations

Justified has been on our journey since day one. They named Finds, branded Finds and completely reimagined what the role of Finds can and should bring to the second-hand market.

Jemma Stacy – CEO, Finds


Justified Ventures goes beyond the traditional agency model, supporting ambitious founders that are building a better future. This is our mission.

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Forbes - Justified

Forbes - Justified

We spoke to Forbes on how strategic thinking can supercharge a startup. "But at what stage should startups be calling on the services of brand strategists?"

Welcome Natty

Welcome Natty

We welcome Natty Hawkings into the team as a Creative Strategist. She has joined us from Design Studio and will be supporting our clients to define and craft their new narratives, direction and futures.

Justified launch holi

Justified launch holi

The first of its kind, holi is a digital space where people and organisations come together to act for the common good. We built a brand that presents itself as a meeting point for connection — a space where ideas meet action.

Justified launch Klim

Justified launch Klim

Our food system is broken. Conventional farming methods are producing tonnes of carbon whilst stripping the soil of vital nutrients, resulting in yearly lower yields. Klim is on a mission to fix this. From the microscopic organisms that ensure good soil health to the wider food supply chains, the digital platform empowers farmers to drive change.